Stroke and Cancer- A Complicated Relationship

Cancer and ischemic stroke are two of the most common causes of death. However, the main path mechanisms of stroke in cancer patients are not well known and can only be established based on accurate knowledge of the characteristics of cancer and their related strokes. Ischemic stroke and cancer independently carry a large burden of morbidity and mortality as the second and fourth leading cause of death and they each represent an enormous expenditure as a percentage of health care resources, manifested by lost productivity and disrupted family structures due to death and dependency. Cancer patients frequently have strokes, both from traditional risk factors and from mechanisms thought unique to malignancy. The most frequent causes of stroke in cancer patients are traditional cerebrovascular risk factors such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, tobacco use and atrial fibrillation.

  • Track 1-1 1. Acute Rehabilitation
  • Track 2-2 2. Non-invasive Brain stimulation
  • Track 3-3 3. Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation
  • Track 4-4 4. Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Track 5-5 5. Long term acute care hospital Rehabilitation

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