Speaker Biography

Kiyemba Ronald

Ph. D Student, Uganda.

Title: Effect of Substance Abuse on Sports (Personnel) In Uganda

Kiyemba Ronald

Mr Kiyemba ronald DOB, 07-02-1979 in Uganda Kampala. Coach for Uganda cycling national teams, holding a degree in sports science. President, KITANDA CARE for HIV/Aids & UTI infections control Owner of, Bike 2 Bike tours (U) LTD


Substance abuse is popular on the increase in our low income setting today for various reasons and is associated with poverty as a major risk factor.

In Uganda mental illness has become common in sports and is often associated with substance enhancement from alcohol and marijuana intake. Some of the factors that have promoted this rise include physical pain, chronic injuries and pressure to produce results. The overall effect of this problem has led to addiction, low productivity, social dissociation and finally failure to perform in sports.

We reviewed articles and references of related topics finding those relevant to the scope of the subject.

Objectively closed-ended questioners were given to 380 sports participants chosen from 12 sports centers (Pilot) areas under random distribution in 4 different regional urban setting in Uganda.

They were assessed on modified additional and productivity scalesNorthern region n=60 12 normal 48(80%) Addiction low productivity 0.83(83.3%), Eastern region n=100 20 normal subjects, Addiction 40(40%) low productivity 47(47%). Western region n=90 Addiction 23(25.5%) low productivity 52 (57.7%)Central region n=130 Addiction 68(52.3%) low productivity 39(30%)

Conclusion: Urban region e.g. Central have highest rates of Addiction with low productivity due availability of drugs and cheap alcohol/spirits on the market. Restrictions on alcohol is not observed within the local communities in the rural regions Sports men have highest low productivity due to poor social support, unemployment and no formal infrastructure.